Saturday, 20 August 2011

Top 5 Suggestions For Investors: Marc Faber

Marc Faber's Top 5 Suggestions For Investors
Dr. Marc Faber spoke to to Jonathan Burton, of and he gave him 5 top suggestions for a safe investment . Dr Marc Faber is not happy at all of what he sees in the world economy with the exception of Asia where he is looking at dividend producing stocks ,he does not like the way the government around the globe are printing money as if there is no tomorrow , but he is actually more optimistic about stocks in relation with treasuries cash and other paper assets ( Cash is trash ) and he is obviously quite bullish on Gold but not ETF just physical Gold , he sees gold as an alternative currency developing instead of the US dollar :
1.) Avoid Treasuries.
2.) Cash is trash.
3.) Stocks offer some safety.
4.) Emerging markets will expand.
5.) Gold is worth its weight.