Thursday, 13 October 2011

Gerald Celente - Revolutions do not work Oct 10 2011

Gerald Celente - Revolutions do not work

Gerald Celente - The Neal Larson Show - 10 October 2011

Gerald Celente : October is the month of the collapse , the only thing that have been keeping this thing afloat is printing all this digital money not worth the paper it is not printed on , we will see more and more social unrest these are not only in America it is a worldwide phenomenon ,, right now Obama will be a winner in the elections if nothing changes in the republican camp , Obama will keep playing that populist card even though he is not ....Revolutions do not work look at Egypt Tunisia Greece , what we need is direct democracy , if we can bank online we can vote online , let's vote on all major issue if you want the drug war to continue or to stop let's vote on it ...