Thursday, 6 October 2011

James Turk AIER Lecture—Bullion and Beyond: A World of Choices for Gold Investors

James Turk's AIER speech

Those who hold gold and silver who have been perturbed by the recent sharp correction in both metals cannot lose sight of the fundamentals underpinning the bull markets in these assets. James Turk's presentation in late July on behalf of the GoldMoney Foundation to the non-profit American Institute for Economic Research provides many fundamental reasons why.

James outlines why gold should be considered "money" rather than an investment, and why the fiscal policies of governments and central banks all over the world are robbing paper currencies of their purchasing power – and thus slowly but surely propelling the value of gold, silver, platinum and palladium higher. Those seeking to understand the long-term forces propelling gold prices higher would do well to watch this video.

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The AIER lecture, Bullion and Beyond: A World of Choices for Gold Investors, was given at the E.C. Harwood Library, on July 21, 2011. Speakers at the event include:

• Gregory van Kipnis, Chairman, American Investment Services, Inc.
Introductory Seminar Remarks - What about Gold During Deflation?

• James Turk, Director GoldMoney Foundation
Physical Gold: Money for the 21st Century

• Robert Miller, CEO of Miller Mathis, a division of Rodman & Renshaw LLC
Investing in Gold Mining Stocks - An Investment Banker's Perspective

• Dave Nadig, Director of Research, IndexUniverse
Investing in Gold ETFs - Facts, Fantasies, Paranoia & Delusions

• John Barry, President & CEO, American Investment Services, Inc.
Concluding Remarks

• Questions and Answers