Sunday, 2 October 2011

Metal Detecting Treasure at a Hobo Campsite with TMANfromTEXAS

Uploaded by AmericanCoinHunting on Oct 1, 2011

The You Tube video of Tracy (TMANfromTexas) Metal detecing (Treasure at a Hobo Campsite). Should be uploaded by next Friday October 7th,2011. It was alot more fun making this imove trailor..Than trying to edit a regular video...Making an imovie trailer,you just drag and drop clips on a story board,and imovie chooses which part of thie clip to use....Greg ,Tracy,and I all had a great time filming the metal detecting of some good stuff while he was up..But I don't think any movie stands up to the excitement of it's trailer..Thanks for looking..Dave