Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I sold all my Gold & Silver this weekend for Bitcoins

Published on Mar 31, 2013

... Yes, this has happened, I have realized that gold and silver cannot compete with the future. And the future is electronic currencies. Over the weekend I realized that now is the time to sell my physical metals and bought bitcoins before they really skyrocket. I know most will not understand and many will be angry but this is something we must all admit is the future. And to show how sincere I am I am going to let you in on a nice little secret.... This is April fools and did not happen. Not only will many be angry but it will also show 2 things... 1) people do not watch videos to the end, and 2) people do not read this info section. So I hope you watched the whole video or read this so you can not get fooled. To those who did... Congratulations. To those who are just finding out after they had already commented before realizing it was indeed a prank : You have NO ONE to blame but yourself. ;)