Sunday, 14 April 2013


SD Metals & Markets: Gold & Silver on Verge of Capitulation to $1400 & $22?


Published on 13 Apr 2013

SD Weekly Metals & Markets 4/13/13: Vampire Squid Kicking Arse As MOPE Fiesta Runs Wild
Providing our antidote to mainstream MOPE, we bring you this week's SD Metals & Markets discussion, including: Paper Metals Market Madness: Silver Breaks $26 And Gold Dives Below $1500- is a wash-out capitulation crash to $22 and $1400 imminent? Vampire Squid Must Eat: The Bankster Set-up Before Cyprus Forks Over Gold Tribute To Bill Murphy, Chris Powell And GATA: American heroes in the most classic sense of the term

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